Maclean's University Rankings/Waterloo: Americans Came To Canada And Spied On Gay Canadian University Students

In the 1990s Maclean's Magazine started ranking Canada's universities.

What sense did it make to rank Waterloo or Laurier as two of the best schools in all of Canada?

Sure, Laurier is a good school for Business Administration and Waterloo is tops for engineering.

It was to lure unsuspecting American university students who wanted to study the gay Canadians to come to Waterloo.

Many were displeased.

In the 1990s Waterloo students were vain and uptight.

Because of demographics the University of Ottawa had more in common with Trent University in Peterborough.

Many U of W students did Co-operative education (like an internship) where some of them were sent to Ottawa.

The University of Waterloo students would feel better at home at Carleton University rather than the U of O where Carleton students taught them to have a sense of humor about their school.

An English redhead U of O student from a poorer or middle class family wouldn't want to intentionally antagonize too many people fearing they'd go back to their home towns or countries and go on and on about him.

Computer Engineers thought that Civil Engineers were gay and Civil Engineers thought that General Arts students were gay.

Who thought that I was gay at the University of Ottawa?

It was the University of Ottawa Quebec separatists.

As a redheaded guy who went to school largely with Asians I used my psychic abilities to project that the University of Quebec at Montreal Quebec separatists thought that the University of Ottawa Quebec separatists were gay.

Quebec separatists that looked like this...

 or fit in who went to the University of Ottawa expected everyone to like them.

The same things that was happening at the U of O was happening at Waterloo but Waterloo was a lot worse.

With the homophobia AIDS had created homosexuals were diseased, abnormal, and toxic to be around.

All 12-year-old boys wanted to be normal: They antagonize people.

In the 1990s this continued on into adulthood.

Guys could go on and on about fags or how somebody's  gay for years and since they could rationalize that they were 100% straight just defer things on to one of their former friends.

Going to school with 1rst generation Asians by grade 9 this was one of the most popular guys around...

And this was the least popular...

And the racist airhead myna birds that called themselves women just payed it forward and backwards and thought that the population was getting better looking.

Some of the first boys to be openly gay were the ones who had envied both the normal looking and male minorities when they were in elementary school.

The kids that adults and teenage girls had hated when they were in elementary school were viewed as being bullied because everyone thought they were mature when they were 12.