Pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Right Strikes Again! Huffpo Claims It's Fueling Europe's Anti-Mask Protests

Huffington Post:

Many of the protesters who attended Sunday’s rally in Madrid learned about the event through social media and messaging platforms like Telegram, which allows users to create groups of thousands of people.

HuffPost Spain obtained access to a Telegram group with more than 50,000 members that has become a central place for people to share coronavirus conspiracy theories, organize protests and suggest slogans for upcoming demonstrations.

In videos and messages shared on the platform, users accused the media of lying about the pandemic and said that the Spanish government and opposition parties are “united to bring about the ruin of Spain and our families.”

Some messages suggest that the pandemic is a conspiracy against Donald Trump, and that chemtrails are responsible for the increased number of people experiencing respiratory problems.

“The pandemic is over. There are and never have been any viruses, people have gotten sick from the flu vaccine that contained a toxic blood clotting agent,” one message claims. “Quarantines, masks, gloves and alcohol wipes are illegal. All this is the plan of Bill Gates, bankers, laboratories and politicians for the reduction of the world population. The mask is unnecessary and goes against human rights.”

As Kathryn Joyce has reported for HuffPost and Type Investigations, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has become a central focus of coronavirus conspiracy theories...