Jews Plan To Boycott Twitter For 48 Hours / Seth Rogen Obviously Deals Ice

Despite sharing a 1500 km border with China, Vietnam has recorded zero covid-19 deaths.

Now Jews, feeling left out in the rapid decline of America, are staging a protest against all of the racism they face on Twitter...

And while America crumbles...


Seth Rogen has lately been quite busy on the real estate front. Earlier this year, the prolific professional funnyman bought a cottage in his longtime neighborhood haunt of West Hollywood, and simultaneously put another nearby house up for sale. And his in-flux portfolio still contains a third WeHo-area bungalow, this one acquired way back in 2006.

Last month, tax records reveal, “The Lion King” voice actor and longtime wife Lauren Miller also paid nearly $3 million for a mini-estate deep in the Hollywood Hills.

If there's no Jew conspiracy in Hollywood how the hell does he get that kind of money?

Wasn't his last movie about some kind of talking hot dog and an Indian chief portrayed by a liquor bottle?

And isn't his new movie about a Jew who travels through time after falling into a vat of pickles?

That's it: I saw, 'Breaking Bad,' on AMC before they showed 8 episodes of, 'American Horror Story.'

This whole Jews boycotting Twitter thing has given me the resolve to go to the DEA tomorrow with this info.

The facts:

-Seth Rogen is unemployable.

-He's Canadian.

-He's an admitted pothead which is a gateway drug to becoming a meth user and distributer.

Now why were the Jews planning a Twitter boycott?