Haaretz Criticizes Jordan Peterson's Admiration Of Adolf Hitler

From Haaretz with damning pictures added by me: 

Jordan Peterson, YouTube psychology guru and right-wing cult figure, talks a lot about Hitler, WWII and Nazism – in lectures riddled with alarming errors, spurious analogies and a strange reluctance to use the word 'Holocaust.' This is why his constant misinformation matters.

"You have to admire Hitler! […] Because he was an organizational genius!"

These are not the words of a neo-Nazi. They are words stated, with the utmost conviction, by Jordan B. Peterson, the psychologist and anti-"political correctness" guru whose YouTube channel boasts 2.8 million subscribers, in one of his Biblical Series lectures from 2017.

While Peterson’s hostile statements on feminism and what he calls "cultural Marxism" have been thoroughly dissected in the media, but his views on Hitler, National Socialism, and the Holocaust have not, bar a very few exceptions. Peterson, an academic who declares that he chooses his words "very, very, carefully" has made so many incorrect statements about Hitler that it verges on revisionism.

Peterson has repeatedly said that he has "studied Hitler a lot," but every statement he utters about Hitler makes this very hard to believe. It’s worth diving into Peterson’s unsettling understanding of Hitler, from his strangely generous framing of the Nazi leader, through his misrepresentation of chronology, his misuse of historical sources, to his odd re-writing of Holocaust history.

Starting with the "you gotta hand it to Hitler" quote above: The Nazi leader was not an organizational genius. Hitler failed at almost everything he ever tried to accomplish – bar genocide. Even strictly organizationally, the history of the NSDAP from 1920 to 1933 was fraught with internal conflict, and time and again Hitler would benefit from pure dumb luck.

Peterson wearing an SS uniform in an undated photo, possibly 
taken somewhere on the eastern front in the 1940s.

Peterson has insisted that we must "give the devil his due" and that Hitler did "wonders for Germany’s economy during the first part of his reign." But the economic "wonder" of Nazi Germany is a Nazi propaganda myth. Economic problems were actually rife already by late 1934, and only got worse from there. Hitler’s many aggressive foreign policy actions and his accelerating persecution of the Jews during the second half of the 1930s were partly intended as distractions from the poor economy...

German per capita GDP, 1930s...