The Nation Says That Alt-Right Neo Nazis Are Pushing Red Meat On Americans

From The Nation:

Gorka’s ravings about government-mandated burger confiscation sound like some nefarious plot by the same “postmodern cultural Marxists” decried by the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson. In 2018 he revealed on the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast that he was following an extreme form of the now trendy high-fat, high-protein paleolithic and ketogenic diets: just beef and water. Thanks to the “carnivore diet,” as he called it, Peterson said he’d lost 50 pounds, cured his 30-year gum disease, and seen his lifelong depression cease. “Meat, man—I’m telling you, meat,” reads an endorsement of the diet beneath an Instagram photo of him solemnly cutting through a steak.

Jordan Peterson

Adolf Hitler

Peterson first emerged in the public consciousness after protesting a Canadian policy about observing gendered pronouns, which he claimed as evidence of creeping authoritarian rule. He subsequently rode that wave of free-speech martyrdom to a best-selling book, 12 Rules for Life, full of banal self-help infused with social Darwinism. Peterson addresses feelings of real alienation in his audience, but instead of locating the structural sources of their misery, he harks back to an imaginary past when men could be men, before Western civilization became preoccupied with social justice and feminism. In recent years he’s become a kind of soothsayer for the mostly young white male demographic that is the subject of worried fascination in the current age of homegrown extremism...