Canada Issues Two Postage Stamps To Celebrate Its Victory Over The Nazis

Everybody knows that during WW2 there was a short, weird political leader who was into the occult and the guy didn't like Jews much.

His name was William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Former PM Mackenzie King

He was also all gay for Adolf Hitler. As proof I cite this National Post story...

As time progressed Canadian Prime Ministers got worse and worse until present day where they finally found Waldo and made him leader of the Liberal Party.

From Kelowna Now:

Canada Post has unveiled two new stamps to mark the allied victory in Europe during the Second World War.

May 8 is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, when the Nazis surrendered.

I guess it's their way of telling me that they rejected my idea of a stamp commemorating Maxime Bernier's future election victory in 2023.