This Week In Holocaust

The Holocaust Comes To Arizona...

There were students, teachers and clergy, and among them a handful of extraordinary activists: all elderly and frail, all wearing matching black baseball caps with yellow lettering that read “Holocaust Survivor.”

They had come for the opening of an exhibition on the Holocaust in the adjacent Old State Capitol, but they were also there to lend their voices to a new bill, one that would require Arizona public schools to teach the Holocaust.

 And What Are You Doing This Spring Break?

The Houston Holocaust Museum has a suggestion for you:

Maine Elementary Students To Collect 6 Million Erasers

When I was in high school it was 9 million people who were systematically gassed to death by the Nazis (6 million Jews and 3 million of their POC allies).

It's racist for them not to be collecting another 3 million erasers for the non-Jews who died in the Holocaust:

In Florida Junior High School Students Accidentally Got High During A Holocaust Presentation

The Clay County District Schools Police Department learned that several students and a teacher at Oakleaf Junior High School claimed to be ill after consuming food during class on Friday, February 7, 2020. After more than a week of investigation, which included interviews and testing, the Police could not establish a causal relationship between the food and the alleged illnesses.

And Indiana Has Started Deporting 13-year-olds to Auschwitz 

Lapel Middle School seventh graders Keylee O’Keefe, 13, and Bo Pitcock, 13, pulled the virtual reality viewers over their heads and balanced them on their noses, similar to the way people wear eyeglasses.

Moments later, they were transported from their small-town Indiana school to the infamous World War II Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.