The Vibrancy And Diversity of Population Replacement In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan THREATENED!

Adolf Hitler

A Nazi

Justin Trudeau crying

In 1990 Asian teen boys thought that blacks were a joke.

Nobody noticed that because nobody paid much attention to Asians.

So we went on and on about the Holocaust and POC allies was born when an Asian and a black guy got together to figure out which white guy was gay.

That's vibrant and diverse.

Now somebody stuck up these posters in what is probably being described as a hate crime, in Saskatoon...

From Global News:

Employees of the Open Door Society for newcomers and OUTSaskatoon found multiple posters glued to the doors, windows, and walls of their buildings on Thursday morning.

The posters referenced the gradual “replacement of European Canadians” — rhetoric that Open Door Society CEO Ali Abukar described as threatening.

“This is a threat to our diversity in the community, our inclusiveness, and the vibrancy of Saskatoon,” Abukar told Global News.

Why is it that when Europe really started filling up with minorities and whites finally realized they'd become a minority, did the #MeToo movement get off the ground?

If journalists had been doing their jobs why didn't they report on people like Harvey Weinstein 10 years ago?