Looking Like Hitler Got Poorer Kids Killed: From 'Boys To Brazil' To 'Mysterious Skin'

Boys From Brazil (1978)

Children antagonize each other: When the movie, 'Boys From Brazil,' came out 12-year-old boys with black hair and blue eyes were told that they looked like Hitler.

Hitler by the 1980s was a guy who wanted to take over the entire world and kill all of the other races to create a race of blue-eyed, blond super soldiers. He also had a lamp on his desk with a lampshade made from Jewish skin.

Mysterious Skin (2004)

In 1989 good-looking boys with blue eyes and dark hair from poorer families were rifled out of my high school. Many went crazy and ran away from home.

A lot of other skinny boys in general were, too. Primarily those with freckles.

In General they were antagonized as people who looked like their former friends turned against them.

In Advanced at Cameron Heights the richer ones got on waiting lists to get into better high schools.

Boys are attracted to other boys.

If you were ugly or didn't fit in the only reason these boys liked you is because they were running away from all of the Asians that liked him.

For South Asians who ranted and raged that a redhead with freckles was a racist and jealous of them, this had been the redhead who had liked them when they had been 12...

And this had been their black friend...

Everything was the other way around:

Girls were more racist and homophobic than boys.

Poorer white kids were less racist than rich kids as by grade 5 they saw the average looking sons of teachers get together with fat kids and the one Hispanic guy in class and make fun of the people that worked at the 7-11.

Quebec City was the least racist city in Canada because there were no girls that looked like this...

For girls to make fun of.