Maclean's Fears A Rise Of Vigilante Terrorism In Canada

Whatever happened to Frank Magazine? For a 
time it was Canada's Alt-Right, Neo Nazi 
alternative to the dribble 
in Maclean's.

A recent Maclean's article entitled, 'Could Canada soon face a vigilante problem?' asks whether Canada will face Alt-Right, Pro-Trump, Neo Nazi terrorism in Canada.


Far-right vigilantes will always find support from far-right media. But while every Rebel mouth may complain of being silenced, their real problem, and Canada’s advantage, is they’re all so cartoonishly hideous in their views, comportment and every other conceivable quality that no one of consequence can bother to listen to them. They’re just tacky carnival barkers who exchanged whatever dubious degree of dignity they once unconvincingly pantomimed for ticket sales—then they discovered ticket sales were low. More dangerous than the fringe clowns are the serious politicians who very occasionally try to get in on the joke. Peter MacKay, Conservative Party leadership candidate, tweeted his support of Albertan vigilantes who took it upon themselves to try their hand at clearing barricades; he later called the vigilantism “an act of good citizenship.” In the midst of a national crisis, when Canadians hear respected public figures advocating madness they will begin to believe lunacy is sane.

On Reddit u/P35-HiPower said:

Lefties are shutting the country down and @macleans yells "Look over here! Look over there! On the right! These are the real bad guys.....or they could be, if they do anything."