John Smith From, 'The Man In The High Castle,' Explains Why Gingerism Took Off In North America

As going on and on about the Holocaust was about convincing people that boys who looked like this...

were natural anti-racists who made friends with cool blacks in elementary school, gingerism took off in 2005 with the animated cartoon South Park.

Imported from Britain where class divisions were rife and people hated the Irish, most of whome have blonde or dark hair.

Teens may want to be moral but they also want to make society cool an sexy.

We unlearned racism by Holocaust and Nazi and the population was supposed to get better-looking.

In Quebec many Quebec nationalists identified with Alberta or Texas when they really had more in common with New Brunswick.

In English Canada uptight jerks with dark hair and dark eyes went on business trips to the U.S. and boasted about how they had blonde American wives who had moved to Canada after sleeping with  lot of black guys.

Canadian bosses went down to the states not believing in mass immigration and returned and hired on Mexicans.

And many Mexicans were impressed with the polite, anti-racist ways of the Canadians.

Who half of everyone they met in America thought that they were gay.

When I was in high school nobody knew that Winston Churchill had had red hair.

Now here's Obergruppenf├╝hrer John Smith interacting with the cigar-smoking ginger pedophile Winston Churchill in grade 3...

"Choo choo!"

"Get lost! I'm not playing with a fat, redheaded
boy who thinks he's a train. I'm skinny and
have black hair and blue eyes. All of the
girls in the class are attracted to me so
I only hang around with the two boys
in class who look exactly like me. 
We're playing army."

"Choo choo!"

"Get lost. I'm telling my mom. She's a legal
secretary. I don't know what that is yet. I
figure it has something to do with 
guns and airplanes."

"Choo choo!"

"Why do those Asian kids over there keep
looking at my ass?"

"Choo choo!"

"Maybe I'll start talking to you in grade 4 and
we'll become best friends in grade 5. I make
no guarantees. I'd rather that than be
friends with the skinny redhead 
over there. Not even the
skinny blond guys
talk to him

"You're right old chap. After the event that
no one must talk about or try to think
about ever again."

"He was friends with a black girl and then
she moved away."

"Noooo! Don't remind me. I'll have to start talking
to him in grade 4 as not to look stupid since
we both have red hair. How will I ever
grow up to defeat fascism if I have
to do something so dastardly."

"Hey! My two friends that looked exactly like
me saw me talking to you so now their
not talking to me anymore. Now 
they're playing army with
average looking skinny

"Choo choo!"

"No matter: I am John Smith. I'll re assume
command of the platoon tomorrow after
they've forgotten."

"Choo choo!"

"I just noticed that the girls have stopped staring
at my ass! It doesn't matter. They're girls.
Say, do you know what disease the
girls except for my mom and
sometimes the teacher
are carrying

"It was mustard gas this morning. Then they
upgraded to Anthrax."

I always suspected that girls, skinny blond boys,
and that skinny redhead had some sort of
sexually transmitted disease because
some of them liked each other
in grade 1"

"I don't know what sexually anything is yet."

"Neither do I. In grade 4 and 5 we have to start
pretending that we like girls that look like
Pamela Anderson."

"Choo choo!"