I Just Watched, 'Boyhood,' (2014) On Tubi

I usually avoid movies which are hyped so I didn't see this film about growing up in Texas when it came out a few years ago.

After seeing it now I found this review in, 'Tablet.'

Boyhood is not only the best movie many of us may see in 2014—it’s one of the least Jewish serious movies around. It is not just that there are no visibly Jewish characters, but that it depicts a world in which Jewish culture has left hardly any traces besides the Old Testament. Boyhood is about white-bread America, and its matter-of-fact-ness about this setting is part of its greatness. The film’s WASP-iness comes with the territory, which is middle-class Texas life. There are only a few African Americans and Asians on screen; more Mexican-Americans. After all, it was once their land.

Their land?

I though that Natives originally owned this entire continent.

In the movie the mother is married three times. Her original husband, who is bisexual, is the only one who isn't an alcoholic.

The film is also one giant advertisement for the Democrat Party...

Here's a scene...