Bernie Farber Denies He's The Leader Of A Terrorist Organization

America was attacked on 9/11 because of
It's billion dollar support of Israel. Going
on and on about the Holocaust and
Neo Nazis prevented many from
realizing that.

C2C Journal has written an article critical of Bernie Farber's group, which is a subsidiary of the American SPLC:
The reputation of the SPLC’s much-cited Hate Map has also been seriously damaged in other ways. A recent insider’s account in the New Yorker alleges the SPLC’s hate data has been deliberately exaggerated in order to coax donations from “gullible Northern liberals”. And the far-left magazine Current Affairs devastatingly declared that the SPLC “is a scam: It finds as much ‘hate’ as possible in order to make as much money as possible.”

Part of Bernie's rebuttal:

...CAHN focuses on hate group activity regardless of political bent because of the threat to public safety, and because relatively few resources are spent to counter it. With our limited resources we prioritize the most concerning groups, determined by their public impact, size, activities, whether and to what degree they are already being addressed, and danger...

The rebuttal goes on and on about Holocaust prevention and finding more Neo Nazis as the population continues to be replaced by the 3rd World.

In closing, Canadians in the 1960s would consider it a hate crime if they knew how gay they'd look by 1990 when rap music suddenly went mainstream and, after all the homophobia AIDS created, white teens started dressing up and acting black...