Those Drunk Newfoundland Labourers Don't Know How To Do Racism. Harry Styles Knows How To Do Racism!

Recently, two guys got into trouble for using the word, 'Eskimo...' 

I did some research and found that Harry Styles was in a band called, 'White Eskimo.'

Therefore, I petition the government to let David Beck and Thomas Scott out of Human Rights Jail and have Harry Styles brought before an Anti-Racism Commission on charges of Thought Genocide and grossly misrepresenting indigenous peoples.

In other news, with all of he attention that the two drunk labourers have gotten, we should send Newfoundland Mostafa Hussaini:

A New Jersey man has been arrested over a series of disturbing YouTube videos in which he said he wanted to kill blacks, Christians and soldiers — and even burned to death a parakeet, according to authorities.

Mostafa Hussaini, 34, of Totowa, was arrested by federal agents in Florida after Miami cops were alerted to death threats made on his YouTube channel while he appeared to be staying in the Sunshine State, according to court documents.

“Imagine burning a black person, because I don’t like black people,” he says in one video posted on Dec. 8, during which he poured gasoline onto an open grill in a public space, according to the documents.