Teachers Strike? Teachers Already Make Too Much Money After All Of The Children They've Killed

Ontario High school teachers to strike in multiple districts Dec. 18

Strike? Teachers already make too much money after all of the children they've killed, creating the idea that when you flood Canada with the 3rd World a strong force of LGBT and feminism is created!

After Jews have been kicked out of every Arab country and India and China have their own problems with their Muslim populations, the way the Germans systematically gassed to death 9 million  people was very important in teaching white kids that they're innately racist.

Cameron Heights had a teacher named Bruce Glebe.

In Glebe's class, World Issues, we were having a class discussion on why the Soviets didn't drop the atom bomb on Germany during WW2.

I didn't want to say anything because if you question the teacher's wisdom in a bird class they'll give you a D.

But then a girl put up her hand and asked: "Why do the Americans make Stalin out to be so bad when he never used nuclear weapons on Germany?"

I said: "I don't know when the Soviets had their first A-bomb but it was probably in 1948 or 1952."

Glebe started repeating: "I'd like to see documentation on that. I'd like to see documentation on that," so I got pissed off and said: "Remember the Rosenbergs?"

Glebe saw that I was right and was embarrassed.

Before this had happened he had once looked annoyed and said: "They can't keep this Nazi thing going on forever."

Now, one day, he suddenly smirked at me and said: "Oh: The reason that they come out with all of these bird classes is to make it easier for you guys to get into university."

The real reason was that students would flip out as demographics changed around them.

Such was the poor quality of Cameron Height's teachers in the early to mid-nineties. They weren't smart enough to keep the Hollywood-Zionist-Educator conspiracy a secret.

Also, they were creating the idea that the Germans systematically gassed to death 9 million people (There were 6 million Jews and 3 million of their POC allies).

And, also, Jews have been kicked out of almost every Arab country.