Black People Attacking Jews Is More Proof Educators Should Use The Holocaust To Teach White Kids They're Innately Racist

Although I am an anti-semite I don't condone doing anything to Jews.

If you encounter a Jew my advise is to close your eyes and cover your ears and hope they go away.

I downloaded the RT news app to see if it would be better than their website. This morning I saw this story:

Stabbing at rabbi’s home is ‘act of domestic terrorism’ – New York Governor Cuomo

I submitted it to s/America since it was breaking news.

Not knowing who the suspect was I left this comment, an excerpt from the blog, 'Words That Need A Home:'

"This week in Las Vegas, Nevada, a man aimed a modified semi-automatic weapon out of a window from the 32nd floor of a casino hotel, devastating the nation. I first saw reports when I was giving the baby his morning bottle just before 5 am. My first thought was not of the victims or of gun control; it was of race. My first thought was four words: “I hope he’s white.” If you don’t already know, I am a white woman. I don’t hate my race or wish ill against white people, but as I sat here feeding this sweet baby, my thoughts turned to what would happen if the shooter wasn’t white..."

Then I read more about the attack.

And they had caught the suspect...