War: America's Unprovoked Attack On Denmark

President Trump is still agitated about the time he got laughed at for trying to buy Greenland.

But I didn't expect to see tensions escalate to the point where he'd attack Denmark.

In 2017 he ordered that the, 'Mother Of All Bombs,' be dropped on ISIS caves in Afghanistan.

Now he's inflicted a fate onto the Danish people equally as bad.

Recently a US plane disguised as a commercial jet entered Danish airspace and delivered its payload of AOC and other politicians, sent to help fight climate change.

This has left military analysts bewildered. After Sweden unleashed Greta Thunberg onto Britain and then North America, why didn't Trump attack Stockholm with AOC, instead?

From Right Wing Folks:

Mayors Of 50 Cities — And Ocasio-Cortez — Fly To Denmark To Battle Climate Change.