The ARC Collective Doesn't Write About My Blog; They Write About Kevin Goudreau, Instead

And then, after girls are 7x more racist than boys and everyone's forgotten that that happened, we unlearn racism by disgusting them with how Dr. Mengele tore out Anne Frank's eyes and dyed them blue before turning her into soap.

It's all a bid to prevent this from happening...

As the West's population is replaced with the 3rd World.

Now the media goes on about, 'White Nationalists,' and how the Alt-Right wants an ethnostate.

From The ARC Collective:

At this point "No Show" goes full Goudreau claiming to be the greatest recruiter for the cause of white nationalism in history, a leader respected by all who meet him, and unfairly maligned by the media who fear his political acumen and his future success as a politician.

To those unfamiliar with Goudreau yes, he actually seems to believe this all:

Hollywood Nazis?