My Remake Of, 'Dr. Strangelove.' (Alternative Title: How I Learned That Warren Kinsella Sues Greek And Native Nazis Because Asian Girls Are Disgusted With Boys With Dark Complexions In Grade 2)

Before I became an Alt-Right blogger I wrote screenplays.

But the Jews who run Hollywood were never interested in my work so I became a rabid Anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

Here's a sneak peak at my version of a Dr. Strangelove sequel...

"As President of the United States I understand that most people
 think of Americans as nice because we brought freedom and
democracy into the world."

"But now the conniving, dastardly Swedes have attacked us with
something called Greta Thunberg. And she won't go

"Mr. President: My B-52 bombers are parked on the runway
ready to go. Thermonuclear bombs will turn Sweden into
a giant IKEA parking lot."

"No! I just can't do that: My wife enjoys shopping at IKEA
and I drive a Volvo."

"Mr. President: There is a solution. A Final Solution, if you
will. We send the Swedes Al Gore, AOC, Hillary
Clinton, the women from, 'The View.' Infact,
the Canadians have something called Heather
Mallick: We'll send them her, too."

"But all of those American liberals will put Sweden back
into the Stone Age! Their heads will explode! Nuking
them is more humane."