Don't Worry Warren Kinsella: I'll Bail You Out Of Prison! #KinsellaGate

My prediction for this election is that both Scheer and Trudeau lose.

Canada was always too brainwashed by Hollywood to be a democracy.

This election I predict that the feeble minded Elizabeth May will be caught setting fire to Parliament Hill.

I also sense that the Governor General is a big fan of my blog.

To protect Canada from the Bolsheviks she will proclaim me, 'Hitler of Canada.'

Don't worry: Only 1/7 of that bad stuff you learned about Hitler in school is true: He's not even a racist; he's just a massive anti-Semite.


I promise to do things differently from the real Hitler.

Instead of invading Russia, I plan to invade Hollywood and give it to the Palestinians.

I have a theory that Palestinians can make better movies than Spielberg and Seth Rogen.

And if you're a Native who doesn't like the Rez you live on I'll deport everyone who lives in Beverly Hills to the East and you can go live there.

With me as Hitler of Canada Warren Kinsella will have to do everything that I say. He'll be dressed up in a snappy black uniform yelling to people in a stadium about how bad Hollywood movies are.

This new Joker movie will only encourage Alt-Right guys who look like this...

to do more domestic terrorism.