Bernie Farber's Anti-Hate Network Labels Gus Stefanis, A Candidate For Election In Scarborough-Guildwood, A, 'Neo Nazi'

Bernie Farber got a grant from the SPLC to start his organization so that he could be a mouthpiece for Antifa.

Did Canada need a SPLC North?

Stefanis and his Nationalist Party have little chance of winning.

The article, entitled, 'Community Alert: Neo Nazi Active In Scarborough...'

...Goes on to post a picture of a man that could pass for Stefanis dressed up as a Nazi near the sidebar...

You can use a search engine to see if Gus Stefanis had any serious links with organized Nazis.. Here I used Google:

I recommend voting for all of the candidates Bernie Farber doesn't like because America was attacked on 9/11 because of its billion dollar support of Israel and, because, all of the homophobia AIDS created was downloaded onto the better-looking boys who had made friends with minorities first in elementary school through unlearning racism by Holocaust.