Anti-Racist Canada Picks On A Black Guy Who Wants To Holocaust LGBT!

After AIDS killed 30 million and created a lot of homophobia, we unlearned racism by Holocaust.

And the boys at the ARC Collective got off fighting the Neo Nazi takeover of Canada.

But the ARC Collective was, itself, a racist organization because it targeted white people who liked Hitler.

In need of some diversity in who they write about they found David Lynn.

From Anti-Racist Canada:

Back in early June, David Lynn of Christ's Forgiveness Ministries was charged with causing a disturbance for preaching hateful and homophobic rhetoric in Gay Village - at the beginning of Pride. In video from that incident, Lynn is seeing approaching people on the street, microphone in hand, asking people whether they accept him. When people state they don't wish to talk to him, he calls them bigots.

This article is another example of the ARC Collective's bad journalism because, through reading it, I don't see how they've proven that this David Lynn guy isn't really Justin Trudeau in blackface.