This Week In Holocaust

Creating the idea that millions were gassed to death in gas chambers just outside Berlin and all the German school children knew that it was happening is more important than ever.

However, even Simon Wiesenthal stated that there was no mass gassings of people within the borders of Germany proper.


The Times of Israel:

Man who denied Holocaust at German concentration camp to face charges.

Suspect, reportedly a supporter of the far-right AfD party, one of several to make remarks denying existence of gas chambers at Sachsenhausen.

To further educate people the Florida Holocaust Museum is offering free teaching trunks for Holocaust education...

From NBC News Channel 8:

The museum provides teaching trunks to educators in the state who need the resources to allow its message of hope to reach even more students.

Executive director Elizabeth Gelman said they have 83 trunks to send to schools.

“They are all grade-appropriate, from kindergarten through 12th grade. And they are for teaching the Holocaust. And they are packed full of books and videos and posters and artifact replicas, and you name it, are packed into each one of these trunks,” she said.

Meanwhile AOC is still being criticized on her outspoken dismay of how Trump is holocausting people at the Southern Border...


Illegal immigrants in detention centers came to the United States illegally. They made the choice to cross our border. They knew the consequences of their actions. They were caught and arrested. They're receiving foods and water. They're not being worked to death and Border Patrol agents aren't working to kill off an entire population of people.