The Gay Cannibals Of America

Does the future belong to Jeffrey Dahmer or is the media
just making Saudi Arabia look more moral
than us?

NBC columnist Marcie Bianco wrote an article on how heterosexuality isn't working...

LifeZette calls the column, "So devoid of facts and so heavily weighted in the absurd belongs in an extremist rag like the Daily Kos or Salon, not on the NBC News website, in our view.It also serves to remind Americans of fundamental problems plaguing this country’s education system. Bianco isn’t a wide-eyed teen publishing her first column. She holds a PhD, as she describes it, as a queer public intellectual. Also, according to John Jay College of Criminal Justice archives, Bianco was an adjunct professor at one point.No matter what, she appears to have pure hatred for half the population."

Meanwhile PJ Media accuses Newsweek of pining for cannibalism because of their article entitled, 'Cannibalism Is Common In The Animal Kingdom...'

While reading, don't be distracted by the disgust seemingly directed towards cannibalism. You see, Newsweek's article titled "Cannibalism is Common in the Animal Kingdom - Here's Why for Humans Its the Ultimate Taboo" gives itself away in the closing paragraph after dropping hints along the way. For the writers of the article, cannibalism is a taboo "for now" that, like other taboos, will one day be revisited, reevaluated, and undone.

Blacks and Arabs find it impossible to become POC allies with each other in North Africa. They do so here, however, after girls were disgusted with boys in elementary school and everyone's forgotten that that happened.

The Holocaust was used to teach whites that they are innately racist as the population gets replaced with the 3rd World and...

NYPD arrest black man, 33, who was roaming the streets of Manhattan and committing hate crimes against white people including hitting a 20-year-old woman over the head with a brick.

But what's taking place in India right now...

Minorities Are Targeted In Lynchings.