Prime Minister Material! Andrew Scheer Distances Himself From Ranting Racist

White people doing racism has gotten so bad in Canadian society that a feminist was a racist for a day to make sure that Justin Trudeau gets re-elected.

My first thought upon seeing the video is that you've done it now, Heather Mallick! The Toronto Star is going to fire you when they see this latest publicity stunt.

But then it turned out that there's a woman in TO even crazier than Mallick because, while the racist ranter bears a remarkable resemblance, as more news poured in it became apparent that she is not her.

But this reminds me of the the feeling I got the last time I read one of Mallick's articles...  

See? Isn't that comparable to THIS?

Anyway, proving that he's up to the job of PM, the quick thinking leader of the Conservative Party, Tim Scheer, went on Twitter and stated...

And this is just the sort of publicity Arnold Scheer needs!

It could be said that many Canadians just don't know who he is. I, myself, was going to vote for the person who isn't Trudeau on election day but, there's more than one name on the ballot!

Now people are waking up and realizing that Bob Scheer is against crazy liberals yelling obscenities outside City Hall!

Justin Trudeau #2