Cheap: The Liberals Are Trying To Use That Andrew Scheer Was A Homophobe In 2005 Against Him

From the Toronto Star:

The Liberals are challenging Andrew Scheer to march in Ottawa’s Pride Parade this week, after unearthing a 2005 speech the Conservative leader made suggesting same-sex marriage cannot be considered marriage at all.

This is just posturing on the part of Liberals who are all gay for Trudeau.

A few years ago many of them were afraid to admit it.

Even Rick Mercer was a homophobe at one point and then he went to camp and saw Anderson Cooper changing into his swimming trunks which made him 23% more gay positive.

Just because Justin Trudeau was a flake who was too busy sunbathing and watching Teletubbies when he was 15 to do any homophobia, makes it cheap for the Liberals to claim that Scheer wanted to holocaust all of the gay people in the world back in 2005.

From Elizabeth May's anti-Semitic Green Party to Travis Patron's Nationalist Party, there's no one running for election and threatening to gas gay people with Zyklon-B.

Now sit back and smoke a joint and watch some more MSM propaganda...