Russian Bots Declare War On The Liberal Party Of Canada!

Back before Justin became Liberal leader, that party was trying to get people interested in it. So they gave free defacto memberships to get more to vote for a new Pierre of the party. I signed up with the intent to vote for an anti-Justin. But it became too clear that he'd already won because he had the hair and the right last name but, it was mostly the hair.

I found out today I'm still on the Liberal's mailing list...

They sent an email asking for a donation because the Conservatives are planning to steal the election from them using millions of bots just like in, 'The Matrix.'

Keanu Reeve's is still way better.

Here's what I got...

A National Observer analysis of one Twitter hashtag opposing Justin Trudeau found that it “was actually driven by accounts tweeting at non-human rates, including about two dozen accounts created in the past 48 hours.”

Furthermore, the Observer's analysis of more than 30,000 tweets found “numerous indicators of inauthentic activity.”

It’s clear that positive politics isn’t part of their programming, David.

We’ve always known that we’d see these kinds of tactics as we approach the campaign, and our opponents will stop at nothing to roll back our progress. That’s why we always need to be ready to respond – with the hope and hard work of dedicated Liberal campaigns across Canada.
Canadians will face a clear choice in this election. While Conservatives are focused on cutting vital services that families rely on and going back to the same failed policies of the Harper decade, Liberals are focused on our positive plan to continue investing in the middle class.
There’s so much more to do for Canadians – but we need your support to keep moving forward.

Note: The pictures of the guy about to shoot himself in the head weren't in the actual email. I added them, myself.