Anti-White? Reddit Awards r/FragileWhiteRedditor Subreddit Of The Day

Here are examples of what can be found on r/FragileWhiteRedditor...

Fragile cumskin compares r/Fragilewhiteredditors to r/fragilejewishredditors

I've been part of this sub for 5 minutes and if anything happens to it I'll shoot everyone here, then myself

(note: I was recently banned from Reddit for posting violent content for joking that some Alberta politicians or journalists should be deported by getting them all liquored up and then stripping them naked, and then dropping them off in Iran in the middle of the night).

Galaxy brain Redditor wants to talk about "yellow privilege"

That's like how in 1990 Asian male teens thought that black people were a joke and we went on and on about the Holocaust to unlearn racism and POC allies was born when differing minorities got together to figure out which white guy was gay.

White TERF's being antisemitic

I did not see any Jew hatred in that post?

Another mayo circle jerk

Anyway, I'm sure at this point Jordan Peterson is sailing up the Congo River looking to assassinate either Ricardo Duchesne or Bernie Farber.

With those three guys out of the way I plan to swoop in and become Hitler of Canada.

Once I become Hitler of Canada I will deal with Reddit admins in the most severe way. They will be liquored up, stripped naked, and dropped off in Iran in the middle of the night...