Last Week John Cusack Gave International Jewery The Finger, But Now This!

I found it peculiar that shortly after I became the moderator of the Reddit sub r/JohnCusack it became a Pro-Trump, Neo Nazi sub of hate.

I even asked what was Cusack's own connection in this?

Why was his name used in a pro-Trump, Neo Nazi sub of hate?

Then came news that Cusack had finally come out of the closet, admitting that he was an anti-Semite.

But now he must be fearing that the Hollywood Jews will Mel Gibson him.

He's changed his tune.

That's just irrational!

How can an anti-Semite turn around and endorse a Jew for president?

But Cusack is employed as an actor in Hollywood and thus cannot be too critical of his bosses.

The way he hasn't blocked me on Twitter yet is his secret way of telling me that after I get elected Hitler of Canada he wants to become "Obersturmf├╝hrer" John Cusack.

But for now he's still an actor.

Maybe his next movie will convince you that you had a blonde girlfriend when you were in grade 3...

Or that you hung around with heterosexual blacks when you were 12...