Calling Me A Scizoid On Reddit? Me?

'Chaotic Neutral,' is a term only schizophrenics would use.

Might I remind you r/JordanPeterson disciples that I'm the very same pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Righter that harassed Warren Kinsella on the internet and got away with it.

In Canada Warren Kinsella is the guy that runs people over who say Anne Frank never died in ovens with his car. I even pointed out that that's so hypocritical of him that he drives the same car that Adolf Hitler invented...

Aside from trying to takeover the entire world and killing
 everyone who doesn't have blond hair, 
Hitler was also an accomplished 
automotive engineer who 
gave us the VW Beetle.

Calling me scizoid because I write a blog about how everyone got brainwashed by the Hollywood Jews except for me is pretty closed-minded.

In the 1980s New York City was very diverse. Kitchener, Ontario was just beginning to experience the vibrancy of 3rd World population replacement.

In 1987 people in Kitchener thought that New Yorkers were ugly and rude.

It was because New Yorkers are ugly and rude.

But then came movies and TV shows about white people living in the big city.

So, by the 1990s, white people laughed and realized New York was cool and sexy.

In Ontario we went for how population replacement from the 3rd World created a high force of feminism and LGBT.

More recently York University, the most diverse university in Ontario, sued the magazine Toronto Life for saying that sexual assault is out of control on its campus.

Also more recently people have been bringing up pedophilia to me. For example, I'd tweet a pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Right tweet and a guy would tweet back: "Yeah right, Hockey coach: How many kids did you rape in the 1980s?"

Maybe that's what kids should learn in school: That Ontario, Canada, had a serious pedophile problem in the 1980s which went away because mass immigration.

When the rest of Canada looks like North York kids will finally be safe from rapist hockey coaches!

Who has a problem with pedophilia? Kitchener, Ontario in the 1980s? Or South Africa and India today?

And why is it that after they really started flooding the West with Muslims the #MeToo movement got off the ground? If journalists were doing their jobs why didn't they report on people like Weinstein 10 years ago?

New York City today...