They Drew Swastikas On A Garbage Enclosure, The Feds Got Involved, But At Least Ben Shapiro Was Blamed

Today the far right Neo Nazi leader Ben Shapiro is probably in hiding. The founder of, 'The Daily Wire,' which has a name eerily similar to Andrew Anglin's, 'The Daily Stormer,' Shapiro is being blamed for a senseless attack on an Indiana synagogue.

Are Andrew Anglin and Shapiro the same guy?

Two youths painted swastikas on a garbage enclosure there.

Since it was a wall around a garbage bin at a synagogue and not a Christian church, the feds got involved.

Although everyone knew Shapiro was the culprit they did not have enough evidence tying him to the scene.

So they charged the two youths who painted the swastikas in the first place. Taking the fall for Shapiro's actions are Nolan and Kyomi Brewer.