Is Elizabeth May Going To Win The Racist Vote?

Recent polls have shown that the Green Party has about as much and sometimes more support than the NDP. 

Since the patron saint of the NDP (Jack Layton) died, that party has been having trouble getting a leader that everyone likes.

Many people think that the current leader is a smelly, hairy guy who speaks weird.

What those people don't understand is that Thomas Mulcair stepped down in 2017.


Jagmeet Singh is the new leader.

Elizabeth May's Green Party has been mired in antisemitic scandal after scandal.

RamZPaul just did a video where he claimed Ben Shapiro isn't directly responsible for the graffiti swastika attack on a dumpster at a synagogue in Indiana.

I was like here, "What?"

I thought that if the Human Rights Commission comes after me I was going to blame everything on Elizabeth May. And Shapiro. And also Ezra Levant.

But is the reason Elizabeth May is going to steal votes away from the NDP because Canadians don't want a Sikh as their Prime Minister?

For shame. Today Canadian leftists are even more racist and anti-Semitic than I am.

Now let's take a moment to remember that many Sikhs fought gallantly during the Second World War.