Huffpo Wants To Holocaust The Nazis Off Of Twitter As We Continue To Replace The Population With The 3rd World

You have to be brainwashed into population replacement.

In 1989 Warren Kinsella and people who looked like this...

said: "Let's replace the population of Canada with the gay positivity and anti-racism of the 3rd World!"

Then Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party of Canada came and said, "No! You can't do that!"

What did Nazis and the Holocaust have to do with South Asians and Muslims anyway?

After girls were disgusted with boys that didn't fit in in elementary school and everyone forgot that that happened, it was easy for educators to use the Holocaust to teach white kids that they are innately racist.

Huffington Post:

"Twitter Still Has A White Nationalist Problem"

Almost 18 months after Twitter promised to crack down on hate, the platform teems with racist extremists.

Last month, Twitter put up another blog post declaring that it had made “strides” to build a “healthier” service. Fewer bots, less spam, proactive policing of abuse. It sounded, again, like progress.

Then Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, appeared at TED2019 in Vancouver, Canada, to talk about the “health of the conversation” on his platform. Dorsey, who still commands puffy profiles in The New York Times, often resorts to meaningless jargon when confronted with actual questions. In Vancouver, he threw around terms like “shared reality” and “variety of perspective.” He talked about watching “measurements trend over time.” Eventually, the TED moderator, Chris Anderson, cut him off.

“Jack, just picking up on some of the questions flooding in,” Anderson said. “A lot of people [are] puzzled why, like, how hard is it to get rid of Nazis from Twitter?”

Dorsey, who became a billionaire by monetizing outrage online, laughed uncomfortably. Again with the Nazis? Dorsey has never had a good answer to this question. He still doesn’t.