Muslims Realize That Hitler Was A Racist

After girls were disgusted with boys who did't fit in in elementary school and everyone forgot that that happened, exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler is more important than ever as the West replaces its population with people from racist, mysoginist shitholes.

Pretty girls with A-averages would see a boy who looked like this

As being a racist because they were disgusted with who made friends with minorities first. But it would be hard for you to convince them that he's gay because girls hated him in grade 3 and they see the boys that they had hated as being heterosexual.

They hated this guy even more in grade 3...

Here's a video of the recent Synagogue shooter playing the piano...

When I was in high school in the 1990s they did something which is called Tracking or Sreaming: There was Advanced and General. They kept most of the blacks in general and nobody even noticed that.

White guys in Advanced sat in class with Asians and South Asians and, after growing up watching TV, thought that they had been sitting in class with cool blacks a year after they had graduated.

After South Asian guys were tormented by girls in grade 3 they could suffer the Holocaust in one of the many bird classes and feel genetically related to somebody who looked like John Earnest while the guy who looked like Earnest, himself, would be more interested in what white guy was gay.

And now the President of the Pakistani Youth Council, who has to live with the fact that he would have been holocausted had Hitler won the war, was come to the realization that he hates Jews more than Hitler...

It's been revealed Kamran Ishtiaq, president of the British Pakistani Youth Council, who in 2007 hosted David Cameron on a visit to Birmingham, once said he'd "salute" Adolf Hitler if he killed more Jews than Muslims in a 2014 Facebook post.