White People Are Too Brainwashed To Have Any White Privilege

There was a teacher that taught at my high school whose name was Mrs. Brackenbury. She was a business teacher.

She was my teacher every year except for grade 11.

The teachers at my high school all had different perceptions of reality.

As I told Warren Kinsella the were just as bad as the students.

There was a guy that I went to school with named Jeremy K. He was an unusually good looking skinny pretty boy with blond hair who grew tall.

When I was in grade 10 Brackenbury was openly attracted to him. When the girls saw her show him favouritism they didn't like it.

In the early 90s at Cameron Heights a boy who looks like this...

Would do better with women than a good-looking blond guy because girls saw fat guys as being heterosexual.

As we unlearned racism by Holocaust everything happened on a subconscious-level.

Going to school with Asians had changed the way that the kids had socialized with each other.

When I was in grade 5 and 6 this guy...

Was more popular that the best looking blond guy because the boys from richer families who fit in found him funny as all of the girls had hated him in grade 3.

Women are responsible for all racism and homophobia that takes place in society. When I finally get elected Hitler of Canada I'm going to summon Heather Mallick to my Hitler office and I'm going to yell at her for four or five hours.

By grade 13 Mrs. Brackenbury was my law teacher. Jeremy was not in that class. The guys in the class were average looking and ugly.

People in the 1990s were watching hours of TV and thinking that the population was getting better looking.

I have redhair which made me stand out like a sore thumb. One day I wore a baseball cap to school.

Brackenbury looked out at the class and when she saw me wearing the hat she looked terrified. She sat down at her desk and continued to look like she was scared of me.

I went away to university. The local university here in Kitchener is the University of Waterloo. There were two redheads that I know of who graduated from my high school and went to the U of W. One was a scrawny little guy who breathed through his mouth and the other was fat.

As Brackenbury acted like she was scared of me I noticed that the redhead who breathed through his mouth was already wearing a hat.

But there I was acting out again.

I'm the same age as Pearl Jam's Jeremy who had brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. He was likely the best looking boy with that complexion at Richardson High School.

Guys who looked like this...

Fit in and rode a high and wanted to sit in class with the boys who had envied them in elementary school. And many of the teachers were just as bad.

Recently the Toronto Star wrote an article shaming white people into sending their kids into more diverse schools.

The teachers teaching at Cameron Heights were sending their own kids to the whitest schools so I'd like them to do a study on where Ontario's teachers send their kids.

After all of the Asian guys were attracted to these boys...

In elementary school people were far more interested in what white guy was gay.

In the early 90s all of the Muslim terrorism that had taken place in the 1980s went away and South Asian guys were making out with girls 3 to 4 years younger than them and the teachers were more interested in what white guy was perverted.

After I get elected Hitler of Canada I plan to reassign Ontario's teachers to new jobs in an underground salt mine where they'll be building my planned intercontinental ballistic V-2 missiles. They'll be well taken care of. Unless that mad man Winston Churchill attacks with his giant death bombers.

Children can learn math and French from Youtube.

Unlearning racism by Holocaust was the extension of childhood developmental psychology. There was no normal boy who looked like this...

Who was best friends with a cool black kid in grade 3.

White boys with dark complexions weren't stigmatized as girls were disgusted with the boys who had made friends with minorities first. They then went to high school and sat in class with South Asian guys who felt genetically related to them.