@tenenbom I Found A Jew Even Fatter Than Rhonda Fink-Whitman!

I write a blog about the time AIDS killed 30 million and its homophobia was downloaded onto the skinnier boys who had made friends with minorities in elementary school through rap music going mainstream in 1990 and repetitive Holocaust studies.

If Tuvia Tenenbom wasn't so fat he could come to Canada and ask Warren Kinsella about it.

The least racist kid in junior high school is the one boy with green eyes, brown, hair and freckles. It's because all of the white kids had hated him at one time or another.

Pearl Jam's Jeremy

Tenonbom recently went to Northern Ireland to uncover how the Irish hate the Jews.

His videos are so good I move that we deport him to Iran so he can help educate people about anti-Semitism there.

In closing fuck you Heather Mallick. Fuck you.