#MeToo: Boycott Jonah Hill's Perverted New Pedophile Movie!

It was thanks to people like Warren Kinsella that we unlearn racism by preventing the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party of Germany as the population gets replaced with the 3rd World.

It got so bad that Stephen Harper would get called Hitler.

Then I joined the Neo Nazi, Alt-Right, Pro-Trump, Pro-Hitler, White Nationalists. I was forced to also like Hitler.

It was like before Trump got elected when Rachel Maddow voiced fear that he would put her in a straight camp. That video soon disappeared off of Youtube.

But now I have to spread the word about how good Hitler is as part of my pro-Trump Alt-Right duties.

When I see elementary aged children I shout: "Hey kids! I'm a Neo Nazi just like Eminem and former president Bill Clinton! Being a Neo Nazi is so cool!"

But when I do that people look at me like I'm some sort of pedophile.

Which brings us to Jonah Hill's perverted movie entitled, 'Mid90s.'

In the #MeToo era Hill has produced a movie about how a 13-year-old boy hangs around with guys who look like they're in their early 20s and they give him drugs and help him get laid.

Was the screenplay written by Kevin Spacey?

I propose that President Trump arrest Jonah Hill (and also his boyfriend Seth Rogen) and they be put in Guantanamo Bay where they'll be waterboarded into releasing information on their involvement in 9/11.

Here's the synopsis of this movie from Wikipedia...

In the mid-1990s, 13-year-old Stevie lives in Los Angeles with his aggressive, fitness-obsessed older brother Ian and single mother Dabney. One day Stevie bikes past Motor Avenue Skateshop, admires the boastful camaraderie of skateboarders outside the shop, and returns the following day. Back home, Stevie trades with his brother for a skateboard, brings it to the shop and befriends young skater Ruben, who introduces him to the rest of the group: Ray, "Fuckshit," and "Fourth Grade." Although an inexperienced skater, Stevie is drawn to the group and aspires to imitate their daredevil behavior and anti-social attitudes. The group nicknames him "Sunburn" during a conversation. Ruben begins to resent Stevie because he feels he is being replaced as the “younger kid” in the group.

While attempting a skateboard leap across an open section between two rooftops, Stevie falls and suffers a head injury. Dabney becomes concerned about Stevie's turn towards recklessness and his new friends, but Stevie has already made up his mind that he is sticking with the group. Ian has a tense standoff with Fuckshit as Stevie watches, but Ian appears intimidated by the group and leaves before a fight can break out. Stevie begins smoking, drinking, and experimenting with marijuana. At a party, he has his first sexual experience.

After Stevie comes home intoxicated, he and Ian have a violent fight, after which Ian has an emotional breakdown (after Stevie says that he has no friends) and following the conflict a fed-up suicidal Stevie attempts to asphyxiate himself with a cord from a Super Nintendo controller.