LGBTQ Cinema: Mid90s

Okay: This is completely unrelated to this movie review. But, here's some BIG news.

Get this.

Get this.

Heather Mallick.

Get this.

Blocked me on Twitter!

All that I did was blame all racism and homophobia that's existed since the beginning of time on her. And I also called her a bitch.

If you major in women's studies in university I'm pretty sure that they don't teach you that girls in grade 2 completely influence what boy is friends with what boy.

I saw a movie called, 'Mid90s.'

I even sat through the whole thing.

It's one of those nostalgia films that, if you were young in the 90s, is supposed to bring back happy memories.

In doing research on this movie I asked Alexa if Jonah Hill is Jewish. She said: "Yes, Jonah Hill is Jewish."

Affirmative action never did anything about how the Jews dominate Hollywood and the media.

Mid90s is more of a homoerotic fantasy rather than a nostalgia film.

I never got the age of the main character because I was too drunk when I watched it. I was drinking Lezajsk, a Polish beer...

The beer was 10x better than the movie. No, scratch that: 100x times better.

I think the main character is 13 but he was probably supposed to be 14.

In it he skateboards all night long with a cool black guy who looks 25.



If you were 13 in the mid90s you went skateboarding with an Asian guy your own age who was dressed like MC Hammer.

In closing, 'Mid90s,' is another one of those Hollywood brainwashing movies that turns you gay.

Fuck you Jonah Hill. Fuck you.