Is Heather Mallick A Stupid Bitch?

In the past I've called Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick a stupid bitch.

I've seen articles talking about how female journalists have been abused on Twitter. So maybe I shouldn't have called her that.

She is a prominent journalist, after all.

So I take back where I said, 'Stupid.'

But Heather Mallick is a bitch.

For all of her articles about how she loves Justin Trudeau, or how Canada gets invigorated by population replacement from the 3rd World, or about how Joseph Stalin is just great, she should ask, 'What is the cause of racism and homophobia?'

When she finally asks that question she should take a look in the mirror.

In elementary school boys who don't fit in often hate each other. It's because when adults aren't around girls are disgusted with them.

Which was quickly forgotten by high school.

The Holocaust is very important in unlearning racism because the girls that you went to high school with wanted all of the boys that didn't fit in holocausted when they were in elementary school.

After all of the homophobia AIDS created rap music went mainstream in 1990. And the boy who had made friends with the only black kid in his grade 3 class shot himself infront of his grade 10 English class.

Brown hair, green eyes, and freckles: A complexion which was forgotten by
most in the 1990s.

The boy in advanced that looked like that got a blond girlfriend.

It was usually the poorest kids that had made friends with minorities in elementary school first that were 'antagonized.'

A boy who looks like this...

Who's from a wealthier family will make friends with a boy that had envied him in grade 4 and 5.

A boy who looks like this...

Will make friends with the one guy who doesn't fit in because he's running away from all of the people who are attracted to him.

All of that should become very apparent if you're going to school with Asians.

Trying to stop the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party of Germany as the population gets replaced with the anti-racism and anti-homophobia of the 3rd World amounted to the extension of childhood developmental psychology.

Boys who looked like this...

Fit in and outperformed other boys at my school. They didn't see male minorities or fat guys as being gay because they were already openly attracted to them in elementary school.

Boys spend more time smiling at other boys in elementary school than at girls.

The teachers at my high school were sending their own kids to the whitest schools.

All you had to do to be moral in the 1990s was listen to rap music and realize Hitler was bad.

In another few months Heather Mallick and the counterrevolutionary terrorist Jordan Peterson will probably be caught trying to burn down Parliament Hill. Then, with democracy in tatters, the Governor General will have no other choice to declare me Hitler of Canada.

Adolf Hitler:

He's not as racist as you think!


That's even less racist than Heather Mallick in grade 3. She would have holocausted all of those boys if given enough Zyklon-B.