I'm Down In The Polls

The latest poll on who Canadians want to become Hitler of Canada shows that Jordan Peterson has a narrow lead.

I plan to publish a little Hitler book to show Canadians my policies.

If you'r going to learn empathy by exaggerating and making stuff up about Nazi Germany, at least give me the chance to invade Hollywood and do terrible things to Spielberg.

10 years from now Rhonda Fink-Whitman could be telling students: "After the Canadian SS turned Hollywood into a ghetto they made Seth Rogen do real work. When the Allies liberated the city they found his emaciated body hunched over a wheelbarrow. After pushing it for 20 minutes he had expired from lack of hash oil."

I'll outline comprehensive policies. For example, Heather Mallick's new job will be to walk around downtown Toronto with a sign which reads: 'I am a woman: The cause of all racism and homophobia since the beginning of time."

After unlearning racism by Holocaust you couldn't even make the argument that the Jews are way too influential  in the media. Affirmative action never did anything about how they control Hollywood. I plan to give that city to the Palestinians.