I Didn't Join The Pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Right Because I Want To Take Over The Entire World And Gas Everyone With Zyklon-B

I didn't join the pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Right because I want to take over the entire world and gas everyone to death with Zyklon-B.

That's just one of the bonuses.

I also did so that I could call all of you guys a bunch of fags.

Boys in elementary school are openly attracted to each other. Boys who fit in certainly spend more time hugging other boys who fit in rather than girls.

As far as boys who look like this...

are concerned girls had AIDS when they were in grade 3.

Then they started pretending that they liked girls in grades 4 and 5 when they saw Rick Mercer on TV and realized that if they didn't grow up to be heterosexual they'd end up working for the CBC where they'd engage in anal sex with strange men at all hours of the day.

If you were openly gay in high school at the age of 14 in the 1990s you'd be ostracized by everyone you knew. And then the same people who had ostracized you would think that they had been gay positive by the time that they turned 20 or 25.