Heather Mallick Is Still In Love With Justin Trudeau

Aren't there ethical guidelines that are put in place to prevent journalists from being in love with political leaders?

In an earlier blog posts I've explained why Heather Mallick is the cause of all racism and homophobia since the beginning of time.

Once I wrote that I fully expected the ground underneath the Toronto Star's offices to open up and it be sucked down to its original proper place as one of the circles of hell.

But now Heather Mallick continues to make the political establishment vomit with her infatuation with Trudeau. She recently wrote...

“Should the Conservatives win election by courting climate ignorance and spite, they will kill carbon pricing and huddle in the basement.They will freeze out refugees fleeing war. They will weaponize quiet racism and make us more American.”

At least she didn't use the word, 'Hitler,' to describe Scheer.

*Andrew Scheer is the pro-Trump, Alt-Right, Nazi, White Nationalist candidate who promises to be almost as liberal as Justin Trudeau once he gets elected.

In closing fuck you, Heather Mallick. Fuck you.