Maxime Bernier + Travis Patron + Stephen Garvey

Canada has three alternative right candidates and the only thing they'll succeed in doing is stealing votes from the Conservative Party led by a Liberal by the name of Andrew Scheer.

There's Maxime Bernier with his People's Party of Canada.

There's Travis Patron with his Canadian Nationalist Party.

There's Stephen Garvey of the National Citizen's Alliance.


Like in grade 3 when the boy with green eyes dark hair and freckles is friends with the only black boy in class because girls hate them both, don't these people understand that they should work together to destroy a Federal Liberal like Andrew Scheer?

So foolish that they don't know that the real election will be between Jordan Peterson and I  for who gets to be Hitler of Canada.

After boys who looked like this excelled in high school...

Because all of their best friends were white when they were in grade 4 and girls were disgusted with the first boys to be best friends with minorities...

Jordan Peterson is there to tell boys that look like the Columbine shooters to wash their penises.

Peterson, himself, is washed-up.

As future Hitler of Canada I demand Bernier, Patron, and Garvey set aside their differences to defeat Justin Trudeau #2: Andrew Scheer.