#Christchurch: A Conspiracy Theory Caused A Shooting Spree

In writing about the Christchurch terrorist attack the Daily Star states that the shooter was motivated by

"...a conspiracy theory originating in France that believes European populations are being displaced in their homelands by immigrant groups with higher birth rates."

That's a pretty crazy conspiracy theory. With white people about to become minorities within the next 20 to 40 years in almost all predominantly European countries, how could such a conspiracy theory even exist?

After 30 million people died of AIDS the Holocaust was important in teaching that boys that look like Justin Bieber made friends with cool blacks in grade 3.

As the teachers at my high school sent their kids to the whitest schools guys that looked like the Columbine shooters who were from wealthier families hung around with fat guys or feminine acting blond guys before making friends with a black guy in college.

And gay pride parades got exponentially larger every year.