Hypothetical Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Canadian Archives is buying a book to prove that Hitler wanted to invade Canada to holocaust the Indians and Canada's vibrant 1945 gay community to show the impending global holocaust which would have happened had the Germans won the war.

Would Ady really have done such a thing as to eventually gas everyone on earth with Zyklon-B?

Ady: A man who was nice to kittens?

Before the CBC comes out with a movie documenting how Hitler would have gassed all the openly gay people who lived in Canada in the 1940s maybe I should get on the bus and help educate people on the hypothetical global mass genocide.

Hypothetical Holocaust Remembrance is very important in confusing the Human Rights Commission incase they read my blog

It helps in unlearning racism as we flood Canada with people from countries where human slavery is still a thing.

Some people will say that after WW2 started the Nazis were still letting Jews escape to S. America and Palestine. Others claim that Hitler wanted to establish a Jewish state in Madagascar but needed the British merchant marines to do it. This takes away from the fact that Hitler wanted to invade Canada and gas LGBT.

By the time, 'Schindler's List,' was out in theatres kids and teens were asking themselves how the Italians and Japanese could have been allies with Hitler. Did they not know that had the Germans won the war they would have eventually been gassed with Zyklon-B in Hitler's crazy wish to turn the entire world into a place where everyone was 6'3", had blond hair, and spoke perfect German?

Let us take a moment to remember all of the hypothetical victims of the Holocaust.

Black Nazis would have been gassed to death in
the hypothetical Holocaust.

Billions of Asians would be dead.

All of these people.

And there's very little doubt that Andy Dick would be
gassed to death, too.

Please have a moment of silence and reflection on this Hypothetical Holocaust Remembrance Day.