Why The Teens Wearing MAGA Hats Mocking The Native American Protester Did Nothing Wrong

Yesterday, in Washington DC, a gang of Neo Nazis tried to holocaust a native protester...

As democracy in Canada consists of flooding the country with people from racist, 3rd World shitholes while exaggerating and making stuff up about Hitler, I joined the pro-Trump, Neo Nazi, Alt-Right.

After girls are disgusted with brown skin in elementary school and everyone's forgotten that that happened by high school, we unlearn racism by holocaust.

And now everyone hates Trump.

A special kind of vibrancy happens with population replacement from the 3rd World. In the 1990s they kept most of the blacks in general at my high school so that white guys in advanced sat in class with South Asians who felt genetically related to them and, with Seinfeld on TV, everyone was more interested in which white guy was gay.

But now a gang of teen pro-Trump Neo Nazis descended on a native protester at the Lincoln memorial and tried to holocaust him. They even have it on film.

As a representative of the Alt-Right people are waiting expectantly on my opinion of this.

After watching the video and giving the issue careful consideration, after I get elected Hitler of Canada I promise to round up everyone who was at the Washington rally (whether they were protesters or counter protesters) and put them to work in an underground salt mine where they'll make V-2 rockets which I'll use to bomb Sadiq Khan with...

And as to why a bunch of MAGA-hatted teenagers would try to holocaust a Native American, I put the blame squarely on Seth Rogen.

I recently saw parts of, 'Sausage Party.'

It's the most racist movie!

A Native American portrayed as a liquor bottle? Seriously?