The Unions That Destroyed America

Studebaker used to build good cars. 

I submitted a story to VOAT about how Tesla didn't want to takeover a GM factory and somebody said:

"I was a kid in Detroit in the 60's. At block parties UAW workers would sit in a circle and tell stories competing to see who was more unproductive. I doubt it has changed."

So I said:

"Oh, the unions that destroyed America.

 I live in Canada. When I go outside I see VW, Hyundai, BMW, KIA, Toyota, and then a Ford cop car."

One of the 3 assembly plants that GM is shutting down is in Ohio and Governor Kasich was pushing for Tesla to buy it.

Now GM CEO Mary Barra confirmed that they had “conversations” with Tesla at an investor conference in New York today via Auto News.

That said, she says that it will not work out because Tesla doesn’t want GM’s union employees.