The Time Hitler Planned To Invade Canada And Kill All Of The Indians And Gays

Canada's archives has bought a book owned by Hitler to prove that had the Nazis won WW2 they would have invaded Canada and holocausted:

"Gays and lesbians, Indigenous Peoples and others considered problematic in Nazi eyes."

Purchasing this book will be important in educating people in the theoretical and make believe elements of the holocaust to further unlearn racism.

But won't somebody also think of Adolf Hitler's point of view in all of this?


When Hitler was a young boy he dreamt of taking over the entire world and holocausting all of the Jews, the gays, the Muslims, and the blacks. But his dreams were dashed when the redheaded cigar-smoking porn addict, Winston Churchill, declared war on him.

Today WW2 is known as being a war to end racism as it was used by educators to extend childhood developmental psychology. What we learned from the Holocaust is that boys that look like Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen (or the Columbine shooters) who were from wealthier families made friends with cool blacks in grade 3.

And Adolf Hitler is forgotten for being the dreamer that he was.

Here's to you, Addy...