The Race For Who Gets To Be Hitler Of Canada: I'm Down In The Polls

This is the second poll that shows I've slipped from my early lead...

Tied with Jagmeet Singh???

I don't want to sound too racist but Jagmeet Singh cannot and must not become Hitler.

He's from one of the most racist places on earth...

Making him Hitler of Canada would only lead to a global holocaust.

But my smear campaign against Jordan Peterson worked...

As he received no votes.

I bet when Peterson takes the bus to work in the morning he overhears old women murmuring to each other: "He's never going to become Hitler of Canada."

But Maxime Bernier as Hitler?


Again I don't want to sound too racist but Maxime Bernier is French.

The French

I'm German so it's my destiny to become Hitler of Canada.

Besides, there has never been a German Hitler before.

Adolf Hitler was Austrian.

Genghis 'Hitler' Khan, who it is alleged killed almost 2 million people in an hour, was Mongolian.

Tīmūr bin 'Hitler' Taraghay Barlas, who killed 5% of the world's population in the 14th century, was Turkish.

And Jean 'Hitler' Chretien, who ruled Canada in the 90s, was French (just like Maxime Bernier).

There are still no estimates to how many people Chretien strangled to death.

A German Hitler of Canada is the best, least genocidal, alternative.