'Secret Hitler' Board Game Shocks Children Of Holocaust Survivors ...But What's The Wil Wheaton Connection?

Recently Wil Wheaton got chased off of Twitter by Nazis only to get kicked off of Mastodon for being an unlikeable individual.

Artist's depiction of Wil Wheaton getting chased
off of Twitter.

From 10 Daily, Australia:

A board game based on Adolf Hitler's reign during World War II stocked on major Australian retailer shelves has left children of Holocaust survivors shaken. 

The sight of the game, Secret Hitler, being sold in several major games retailers, has led to about 10 complaints to the Anti-Defamation Commission, a Jewish organisation combating anti-Semitism, in the past week.

A daughter of a Holocaust survivor shook when she saw the game in a toy store in Bright.

"I started shaking, I literally saw the Holocaust flash in front of me. I felt as if there were Nazis about to storm into the store. I could barely look at the shopkeeper," she wrote in her complaint.

But who is Secret Hitler?

After some research I found that Secret Hitler is none other than Wil Wheaton, himself!

Here he is describing the game...

How to Play: Secret Hitler from Secret Hitler on Vimeo.

After 30 million people died of AIDS, Wil Wheaton is the same guy who encouraged people to stand up against Nazis and Adolf Hitler as our population got replaced with the 3rd World...

So it turns out that Secret Hitler isn't Jordan Peterson, or TVO's Steve Paikin, or even USA terrorist Sam Hyde: But Wil Wheaton! The guy from Star Trek.

I haven't been so shocked since the time I saw the movie where the little boy says he sees dead people and then, at the end of the movie, Bruce Willis suddenly realizes that he died in the Holocaust.

As an Alt-Right, Neo Nazi, Pro-Trump blogger today I say, "For shame, Wil Wheaton!"